Should I practice my 108 Sun Salutations when I am sick?


Namaste, dear Yogis. Is Sunday, our 108 Sun Salutations Day.

I was all the week sick: strong cough, laryngitis, bronchitis, dizziness, balance disorders. I feel weak. It’s obvious that my practice of the 108 Sun Salutations seems so far, near the Sun….

Should I practice or not? Should I do it just to keep my promise or to rest and take care of my body?

Well, you know already the answer: Your Body is you Best Teacher.

Go with your body. If is possible and you feel better, do series of 10, instead of All 108 once. Do not force yourself, and accept your limitations.

If is not possible, accept it.  You will do when you will feel better.

Finally, what is yoga?

A Science, Art and a Tool. To bring You closer to Yourself.

You can come closer and closer, if you have confidence in what Your Body is telling you.

Just learn to listen. Be mindful. Open all your senses to hear and feel everything your consciousness want to tell you.

Mayebe I need a Guru…?

Well, you need to listen firts of all your own Guru and Master: Yourself.

Start by Listening your Body.

Today, this is my priority.

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