Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

The Leo Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse invites us to open our hearts and activate our capacity to care and to love. During a lunar eclipse our shadows (or undeveloped aspects of ourselves) are revealed. Leo helps us see with more clarity how and why we have closed our hearts and prevented the flow of love in our lives. We can also see what we have not yet loved. And we can identify attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions that explain why. A big one is inner anger in the form of resentment, feeling like a victim, self-pity, low self-esteem, and lack of self-kindness.

Eclipses generally recur at the same degree of the same zodiac every 19 years. Take a look back at what was happening early 1999 and see how your heart space has evolved. August 21, 2017 there was a Leo solar eclipse at 28 degrees. What have you noticed since then?

This Leo Full Moon is conjunct the Leo North Node (the present and the future) and asteroid Ceres (nurturing). The alignment of the Leo Moon (inner child) Earth Mother Ceres can evoke inner child and mother wounds created from not receiving (or perceiving that we did not receive) unconditional love from our mother.

When I look into my past I realize my mother gave me what she could and I was not available yet to receive more. Check it out for yourself. It was an interesting revelation.

Zodiac antidotes are always found in polarities. Opposite the Leo trio (Moon, North Node and Ceresthe Sun, South Node, Venus, and Juno are all in Aquarius. The Aquarian higher mind holds the space to release our attachment to fantasies and idealistic illusions about love and life. Intellectual Aquarius can also detach from its emotions in order to not get involved or hurt. Leo, on the other hand, wants to play and be involved in the game of life, even when drama is involved. (Sometimes especially when drama is involved!)

The polarity formula is for the Aquarian neutral mind to hold the space open without judgment or stories so that we can open our Leo hearts to ourselves. In this honest space we can identify the root cause of emotional wounds related to rejection, abandonment, hurt, and loss. The root cause is always related to lack of self-love and self-acceptance. Leo reminds us that the solution resides in our own hearts and how we understand and treat (with kindness and compassion) ourselves and each other.

Daca ti-a placut acest articol, imi poti oferi o carte sau o cafea! ­čÖé

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