Brain fitness, beautiful life!

Good morning, friends! 🙂

Regardless of age, we all have moments when our brain is too tired: we strive to remember something and not succeed. When it happens to me at school, I tell my students that maybe Mr. Alzheimer visited me. 🙂 Even if it’s just a joke, it is for me a bell signal that I need to keep my brain healthy. This study  shows the same:  we can control by prevention strategies certain health and lifestyle factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease risk.

Give to your brain some fitness! 

You know that we use only a little part of our brain. What can we do? Fitness brain!  Because our brain is a muscle, we have to work, like all the muscles, tells us this study.

Today’s theme: hobbies that can help our brain to be smarter and increase the wellness and the beauty of our life. Scientifc research and experiments confirm that we can enjoy our passions, hobbies and also train our brain. How?

<3 Read!

Be a bookaholic! The books will help you to become smarter ad to gain a better deeper understanding of life. when you read, you are living not only Your life, but also the life of all personages. Do you realize? By lecture, you can decide alone how many life you want to live! 🙂 I am very fortunate. In my childhood, my mom, the teacher of the village, used to bring me at school. One day, children discover that I read and wrote. From that moment when I realized that I read and wrote, I’ve lived a lot of lives and this is a long love story. Books give me happiness in flow. take one book and start reading. It makes you happy and you brain smarter!

<3  Meditate regularly

The greatest benefit of meditation is that it changes your brain and it brings you closer to your self. When you acquire a state of peace, tranquility, all things seem simpler!

Meditating regularly, you know yourself and gain more control over your life. You avoid activities that distract you from who you really are and you build the most beautiful version of you! Meditation is the most reliable way to find out who you are and what you have accomplished in this life.

<3 Learn a new language!

I’m not saying that because I am a French Teacher.. 🙂 Believe me, you have many advantages to learn a new language! I try every single day to explain in my classes how important it is to know several languages. Besides reasons related to career development and personal development, the ability to communicate in multiple languages makes us smarter. Basically, it’s just a mind gymnastics, pure math! Analyzing, memorizing and reproducing grammatical structures increase our intelligence and brain health. Learning a second language and slows brain ageing, research says. New studies are showing that a multilingual brain is nimbler, quicker, better able to deal with ambiguities, resolve conflicts and even resist Alzheimer’s disease, according to this study . It’s never to late to learn a new language. it changes your brain at any age, so start today!

<3  Move, move, move!

Playing, And Even Watching, Sports Improves Brain Function. When you train your muscles, you train also your brain! Your body becomes more flexible and you can also improves the capacity of your mind: sense of responsibility, coordination, discipline, confidence. There are so many other benefits about which we know very little.

Did you know that athletes has a special kind of intelligence? One more reason to love and appreciate them! 🙂

You do not like any sport? No problem! Take your dog to a walk. You have no dog? Go to a shelter and adopt one. 🙂 Research says that caring for pets can help you deal with Depression, Anxiety, and Stress. Move, move, move!

< 3 Discover yoga!

If you are not decided witch sport is good for you, I invite you to discover yoga. Why? Because is a complete fitness, for brain and body!

No matter what sport you decide to practice, start today. Start now! Stand up from your chair and do some stretching movements. I will do also, because I’ve spent too much time on my chair to find and put together the resources for this article. We continue tomorrow. Until then, take care and move on! 🙂

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