Being True to Yourself: steps


1. Start by asking yourself a few questions: Who am I?  Why I ‘m here? What is my life purpose? What I have to accomplish in this world? If you don’t have the answers right now, don’t blame yourself: keep trying. You can stay every morning or evening, before sleeping, in a meditative posture:  just listen to your breath.  The answers will come  one day, without struggle. Your inner voice will whisper them, from the center of your chest, directly from your heart.

2. Be honest to yourself. The more you lie yourself, the more you move from your true essence. Do not try to be what others designed for you or what you have being  told to be.

3. Clean your head, your body, your home. A good Life Hygiene include not only healthy food for body, but also for mind.  In a clean environment, you will be able to meet the most precious human being: Your True Self! Spring is coming, so a big cleanse is more than necessary.  In a future post, you will find a few suggestions to declutter your life.

Today I’m grateful to those who helped me to search my way.

My list is opened. You are kindly invited to complete  it  🙂

What are you grateful for? 🙂


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