10 reasons to practice mantra meditation


Chanting is magic! Do you have any doubts? Then remeber that  chanting is part of our life and of the history of humanity. Here you can find some of the benefits: 🙂

Mantra meditation reduces Anxiety and Depression. It’s so easy! Mantra combines sound, breath and rhythm and channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit. Chanting regulates brain-hemisphere and balance all the nervous system, regulates the chronic stress and tension that is the norm nowdays for many people in today’s chaotic lifestyle.  By balancing the endocrine system, chanting normalizes hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being.

<3  Releases Neuroses. Chanting delivers us from the excessive preoccupation with our bodies and with material concerns. It delivers us from fear of old age and death. We begin to identify with the timelessness of the soul and consequently begin to shed neurotic habits that no longer serve and that no longer seem relevant. By returning us to what is essential, it clears away subconscious habit patterns. Embraced by the steady rhythm and by the vibration that connects us all, our thoughts combine wholly with the sound current. As the captain sets the canvas to the wind, thus pulling the boat out of trouble, it is through mantra that we steer ourselves out of our own stormy seas and into clear waters.

<3  It is Soothing. The power of mantra is betrayed in…(?) I ‘ll tell you soon, in the Workshop Mantra meditation. 🙂 )

<3  Engenders Compassion

<3   Boosts Immunity

<3  It is Easy

<3  It is for everyone

<3  Opens Intuition

<3  Increases Radiance

<3  It is Empowering

Join me @ Dakini festival, for the Mantra meditation Workshop! 🙂

(En)chant your Life!

1/07/2017 – From 10 to 12 pm. Details on Dakini festival 2017 Facebook Page. See you there!

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